iPhoto Albums Missing : How Can I Get Them Back

Some users are experiencing an issue in which they found iPhoto albums missing. An iPhoto album contain collection of favorite pictures as well as video which represent our wonderful memories. Well, there is no doubt about the reliability of iPhoto application but just like any other application it is also prone to issue. Any single mistake can lead to severe problem and result in loss of your beloved pictures. iPhoto provides view option where user can search for hidden items but in several instances this option also not help in finding the missing albums. In such situation user become desperate because they think that the albums is gone forever. If you have also come across the same situation and searching for solution then here is the end of your search.

Albums in iPhoto work in the same way as play list do for Audio files. Being panic when iPhoto albums missing is obvious because it is a collection of pictures which is captured during different event. The situation become more difficult for those users who don't prefer to backup their data. However, Mac provide an useful feature which is known as Time machine. It automatically creates backup of data. But sometime due to error or other factor Time machine also fails to create backup. Hence it is always suggested to have backup of your important data on some external storage medium. If your iPhoto albums missing then to restore them you can make use of third party tool. For mor info, visit this forum

iPhoto albums missing : What are the possible causes?

Manual Tricks To Get Back Missing iPhoto Albums

Automatic Solution To Restore iPhoto Albums

iPhoto albums missing : What are the possible causes?

iPhoto albums goes missing on Mac computer because of different reason. In some cases the iPhoto album get disparaged when user performs re-installation of Mac OS X. During the process of re-installation all the app present on the Mac system got erased including iPhoto. Apart from that there are some more reason which cause iPhoto albums missing for instance when iPhoto app conflict with other software, freezing issue of the iPhoto app, abrupt termination of iPhoto application or due to corruption of hard drive. Missing your valuable pictures always hurt but losing hope is also not the solution. While searching the solution i found some help on Mac support which can be helpful. Here are some manual suggestion which you can try to get back your missing iPhoto albums.

Useful Tips :-
"Before installing or reinstalling Mac OS X backup important pictures of iPhoto". "Turn on Time Machine backup on your Mac to prevent loss of iPhoto images". "To prevent permanent data loss avoid writing anything on Mac drive".

Manual Tricks To Get Back Missing iPhoto Albums

In order to access the missing albums of iPhoto you can create a new iPhoto library in which the events are same. After that you can check the events and see whether the albums are there or not. If you are unable to find the iPhoto albums missing there then delete this library and go to current library. To do that you can follow these steps :

  • Move iPhoto library folder to desktop

  • Then right click on the folder
  • Choose Show Package Contents option

  • Launch the iPhoto and select create new library option

  • Drag the Masters Folder from your iPhoto Library package

  • Now drop it in Originals iPhoto folder window on desktop

After applying the above steps if you are unable to find iPhoto album then you have to rebuild iPhoto to latest version and import the restored files. To do that follow these steps :

  • First of all close your iPhoto application
  • Simultaneously press Command and Option button

  • Again you have to open iPhoto
  • When rebuild the library option appears, release the keys

  • Click on Rebuild option to start the process

Note :- Users are suggested to go for manual method only when they have enough technical knowledge. If anything went wrong or occurrence of error during the process can lead to severe data loss. It is wiser to create backup of your vital iPhoto data and make use of efficient recovery program..

Solution To Retrieve Missing Albums Of iPhoto

If you applied the above mentioned manual tricks and still unable to access iPhoto missing albums then don't be sad. Today technology has make it possible to get back the missing, deleted, lost albums or pictures of iPhoto. There are lots of recovery program which can be utilize for iphoto album recovery. Every software is claimed to be useful and best but after researching we have found some best software for which will be helpful in recovering lost or missing iPhoto albums.

Top Rated Software To Recover Missing iPhoto Albums

Software  Ease Of Use  Ratings  Get Software
 Stellar Mac Data Recovery  Easy    
 R-Studio Mac Data Recovery  Complex    
MiniTool Mac Data Recovery   Moderate    

1.) Stellar Mac Data Recovery

Stellar Mac Data Recovery is a brilliant utility which get back all the missing iPhoto albums easily. It is a comprehensive software which is exclusively designed to analyze and recover the missing iPhoto albums as well as other data on Mac system. The latest scanning mechanism of this utility bring back all the pictures from iPhoto which get lost or deleted due to any of the above mentioned reason. It supports different image format including IMG, JPEG, TIF, CR2, JPG, DNG, PNG and many more. Apart from recovering missing pictures the software is also capable of retrieving deleted, lost and corrupted iPhoto images. The read only features ensure that the software is not going to modify lost files during the recovery process. It is easy to use and can be run on any Mac OS X.

Salient Features Of Stellar Mac Data Recovery Software

  • Capable of retrieving missing, lost and deleted iPhoto albums
  • Recover data from deleted, corrupted and formatted Mac volume
  • Provide option to preview files before recovering them
  • San and display all the volumes present on Mac system
  • Facilitate to save the recovered image to desired location

System requirements

  • Processor - Intel
  • Operating System - Mac OS Sierra 10.12, Mavericks 10.9, El Capitan 10.11, Lion 10.7, Snow Leopard 10.6
  • Memory - Minimum 1 GB Of RAM
  • Hard Disk - At least 50 MB free space.

User's Review

"Great software!! I didn't even think about recovering those pictures which is removed from Trash. But Stellar did what it promises and recover all my beloved pictures which I deleted accidentally. Easy to use and I am not going to remove it from my system".

- Tom Martin

"Stellar Mac Data Recovery was recommended by a friend when I accidentally lost some of my precious files. At first I never heard such thing which will get back your deleted data. But it really amaze me and safely recovers all the files without any modification. Best ever software I ever use".

- Grey Tim

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q) Does Stellar Mac Data Recovery recover data from a drive having bad sectors?

No doubt that the software is able to recover data even from drive which has bad sectors. Just run the software and it will scan your drive to bring back your lost data.

Q) It is not showing all the deleted files in list. What to do now?

If you are facing the issue then check that the files you need to recover is showing in the File list which is under file recovery option. If you are still having issue then you can contact our support service.

2.) R-Studio Mac Data Recovery

R-Studio Mac Data Recovery is another effective recovery software which is capable of recovering missing or lost iPhoto pictures, album and other data. This utility is specially designed for Mac system to undelete deleted, lost, or formated files with ease. It doesn't matter for this software that your data is deleted in which condition, it will retrieve them regardless of the data loss reason. The flexible settings of this software facilitate users to take control over it according to their need. The very utility is capable of recovering raw file and it can be used to retrieve severely damage or unknown system files. So if your iPhoto albums are disappeared or missing then it should be a great option.

Key Features Of R-Studio Mac Data Recovery

  • Recover deleted, missing or lost iPhoto albums and pictures
  • Capable of recovering files which is removed by malware or virus
  • Simple interface make it easy to use even for novice users
  • Facilitate recovery of data stored on bad sectors of hard drive
  • Supports almost every version of the Mac OS X

System requirements

  • Processor - Intel, PowerPC G5 or PowerPC G4 processors
  • Operating System - macOS Sierra, Yosemite, OS X El Capitan, Mavericks 10.9, Mountain Lion 10.8, Lion 10.7
  • Memory - At least 32 MB of RAM
  • Hard Disk - Enough disk space according to data

User's Review

"I got all the lost document and pictures after using R-Studio Mac Data Recovery. Those files were really important for me because i have to use in presentation. Really it had done a great job and save my business. I think everyone have to try this software at least one time".

- Mark Joe

"I am very pleased with this amazing software because it rescue my important files. While removing some junk i accidentally remove the folder which contain documents of my office. It not only recover my files but also save my precious time which needed in recreation of the files".

- Jerom Edwards

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q) I accidentally emptied my Trash, can I still recover the files?

Yes, with the help of this software you can get back the files removed from Trash. All you have to do it is avoid writing any new data on your drive.

Q) I notice that some files were marked with red cross. What does the red cross means?

If you are seeing a file with Red cross then it indicate that the file is deleted intentionally. Files without red cross means that they are due to corruption in file structure.

3.) MiniTool Mac Data Recovery

MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is a comprehensive utility which can perform data recovery and bring back missing iPhoto albums and pictures. Other then iPhoto the software is also capable of retrieving different kind of data from a Mac system. The latest scanning features of this software help users to recover deleted, lost, damaged or formatted data. By using this software user can recover their data in three easy steps. In addition it also provide preview option which allow user to preview the recovered data so that they can save only those files which is necessary. Its advance filter help you to filter unwanted files according to name, size, creation date etc.

Features of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery

  • Quickly recovers lost iPhoto contents and other data on Mac
  • Retrieve data from damages or formatted partition
  • Recovers multimedia files from different portable storage media
  • Advanced Setting allow users to find files from their name, date and extension
  • Ability to filter unnecessary files which saves user's time

System requirements

  • Processor - Intel Pentium 1000MHz and above
  • Operating System - Mac OS X 10.5 and above
  • Memory - At least 200 MB of RAM
  • Hard Disk - Space needed according to data amount

User's Review

"Your software is really life saving. I lost some files due to sudden system shutdown and the files were very important for my work. If i didn't found the software then it should be a big lost for me. Well, i am a happy person now and satisfied with this product".

- Michel Finn

"Last night i attended a meeting and i promise there to present the images tomorrow at any cost. But unfortunately while working on the images i forget to save them and they lost due to sudden system restart. I was very upset but your software bring back all the images. Thank you very much".

- Frad Tom

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q) I lost my files. Which guidelines I need follow before starting the recovery?

Deleted files are considered as empty space by operating system. So there is great chance that OS will write new data which make the recovery impossible. Hence it should be better to not use the system before you use the recovery software.

Q) Can MiniTool restore the damaged MBR of my drive?

Well, if you have enough knowledge of data structure then you can manually make changes in the MBR and then use the software. But be suer what you are going to do otherwise there would be severe damage in MBR.

4.) PhotoRec Mac Data Recovery (Free Version)

PhotoRec Mac Data Recovery is an useful utility which is aimed to retrieve lost files including iPhoto images, video, documents and more. The latest algorithms of this software make it capable to recover the media file which badly damaged or re-formatted. It is an open source application which can retrieve lost partition even from a non-boo table disk. For safety PhotoRec utilize read only feature which ensure that your data didn't get alter. Comparing to other open source recovery program PhotoRec recovery rate is good. To increase its performance the software store data in b*tree leaf nodes. The software is compatible with latest Mac OS X and very easy to use.

Key Features Of PhotoRec Mac Data Recovery

  • Safely recovers lost and deleted files from Mac including iPhoto album
  • It performs recovery on internal as well as external storage device
  • Capable of recovering more than 300 file formats
  • Recovers data from severely damaged or corrupted partitions
  • Do not modify original file during the recovery process

System requirements

  • Processor - Intel processor and PowerPC
  • Operating System - Mac OS X 10.6 and above
  • Memory - At least 1 GB of RAM
  • Hard Disk -200 MB free space needed

User's Review

"If someone is looking for free data recovery then i would like to suggest this software. I personally tried this utility and i am satisfied by its performance. It bring back all my data which become inaccessible due to unknown reason".

- Mike Brian

"Whenever i start my computer it found my drive unreadable and prevent me to access its data. But thanks to this software which not only located the drive but also recover the data present on it. It not only recover my files but also save my 2 years of hard work. Want to Thank-you for saving my precious data".

- Greg Carter

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q) My hard disk isn’t showing in PhotoRec Mac Data Recovery. What should I do?

Try to restart your system o re-install the software. If you are still facing issues then don't hesitate in consulting out customer support service.

Q) Does the PhotoRec Recovery Software supports MacOS 10.12 Sierra??

The previous launched version of PhotoRec was not compatible with MacOS 10.12 Sierra. But the latest version supports the Mac OS X and to make it work you need to update your software.

Download PhotoRec

In the end, it is concluded..

We have tested all the mentioned software and each one is helpful in recovering deleted pictures and data. But the software which attract us more is Stellar Mac Data Recovery. The recovery rate and performance of this software is far better than any other utility. It is safe, secure and doesn't do any manipulation in the data structure during the recovery process. Where some software allow recovery of limited data, Stellar doesn't have any kind of limitation and with the pro version you can recover as much data you want.

Today, time is one of the precious thing and the software saves our time by providing the preview of data which allow user to restore the necessary files only. So if your iPhoto album is missing, deleted or lost then it is recommended to go with Stellar. Let's see some unique features of Stellar Mac Data Recovery which make it better from other software :

  • Safely recovers lost data including iPhoto albums or pictures
  • Advanced Scan enables to recover data according file type
  • Read only feature : Prevent data modification during recovery
  • Allow to restart or pause the scan during the process.
  • Simple U1 make it easy to operate even for less experienced user

User Guide Of Stellar Mac Data Recovery

  • Step 1:Open software and click on "Recover Photo, Audio & Video' option.

  • Step 2:Select the drive you want to scan and click scan button.

  • Step 3:To view list of deleted file, wait till scanning process start

  • Step 4:It will start searching for deleted files from desired disk.

  • Step 5:Select the files you want to recover and click the Recover button.