Top 10 Zombie Movies (21st Century)

zombie moviesHere are my 10 favourite Zombie Movies (2002-2009)
I don’t really like the ‘old-school-zombie-movies’ so I only took movies from the 21st century.
I would also add : The Crazies, Dead Snow, Resident Evil 3 &4

Duration : 0:10:14

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25 Responses to “Top 10 Zombie Movies (21st Century)”

  1. gabyse74 Says:

    @Danneh86 I don’t …
    @Danneh86 I don’t understand you… they are not undead. Final.

  2. porpus99 Says:

    Diary of the living …
    Diary of the living dead didnt get a proper vote i think. It was way better then Day of the Dead(remake). Now, if it was the original Day of the Dead, then that would be a different story. Speaking of the original, they do not have any of the classic zombie movies on this list. Where’s Zombi 2, or one of the many other classic zombie movies?

  3. channeltoentertain Says:

    zombie movies are …
    zombie movies are so stupid. it’s always the same thing. there is a group of people that stick together to survive and then one by one they each die. or until the 1 or 2 main characters survive. But the Walking Dead series is AMAZING. and so is i am legend. but that isn’t a zombie movie so that doesn’t count

  4. geatmers Says:

    diary of the dead …
    diary of the dead is made by George Romero he is the zombie boss guy in CALL OF THE DEAD

  5. Danneh86 Says:

    @gabyse74 neither …
    @gabyse74 neither were they dead in 28 days later, only infected, hense the starvation, yet people still seem to count them, so if you do, I say you have to count REC

  6. gabyse74 Says:

    28 days/weeks later …
    28 days/weeks later are about an infection of rage contracted by monkeys…(just like what happened with HIV) I love those 2 movies but there not ZOMBIE FILMS!

  7. gabyse74 Says:

    @Danneh86 Infected …
    @Danneh86 Infected people kinda rabic maybe but not undead… Possesed people finally they were in REC 2.

  8. egil1800 Says:

    planet terror is …
    planet terror is shit, so retard! wow she uses a gun that are stuck in her leg?! WOW!!!!!!!!!! SO COOOOL!!!!! NOT!!!!!!! its just so stupid! but if you like zombie movies and hate when the film ends after 80 minutes, buy the walking dead season 1 (season 2 is out), best zombie series ever!!!!!!!!!

  9. adamparker13 Says:

    I know this is 21st …
    I know this is 21st century list but I recommend smoking a big bag of weed and checking out the original Dawn of the dead from the 70′s. Much better than all these and was what started much of the zombie hype for all these movies to follow :)

  10. okami138 Says:

    OK,”Land Of The …
    OK,”Land Of The Dead” was the worst Zobie movie “EVER”!

  11. MrTheJordyboy Says:

    1.Resident evil
    2. …

    1.Resident evil
    2.Dawn of the dead
    3.Shaun of the dead
    My top three in order

  12. jeansstayfitted Says:

    Dawn of the dead is …
    Dawn of the dead is the best zombie movie I’ve ever watched

  13. DeathboxFan Says:

    28 weeks later is …
    28 weeks later is way better than 28 days later

  14. zstone12321 Says:

    1 shaun of the dead …
    1 shaun of the dead
    2 land of the dead
    3 dawn of the dead

  15. RareAccountsCentral Says:

    land of the dead is …
    land of the dead is so overrated because the main character is a black zombie… kfc would be proud

  16. RareAccountsCentral Says:

    #4 sickest zombie …
    #4 sickest zombie movie i ever did see

  17. guns478 Says:

    planet terror is …
    planet terror is shit

  18. guns478 Says:

    planet terror is …
    planet terror is shit

  19. Violientrevolution Says:

    Well, nr 1 was …
    Well, nr 1 was right on =)
    Strange that that is still the best Zombie movie ever made.

  20. HolyHeLLmeister Says:

    28 days movies are …
    28 days movies are not zombies….they are more enraged than anything else…they hit and bite but not eat their victims….they just beat them senseless…watch the movies again and notice the attacks

  21. meandmyevo Says:

    @Danneh86 OMFG! the …
    @Danneh86 OMFG! the part there at the end scared the outa me.

  22. SuperReaper011 Says:

    yea planet terror …
    yea planet terror that type of zombie movie for and giggles. like shawn of the dead. or zombieland.

  23. Danneh86 Says:

    @LobaNegro21 yeah, …
    @LobaNegro21 yeah, its a spanish zombie / infected / demonic possession film, id quite honestly call it a zombie film, if the 28 days later infected are classed as zombies REC should be accepted as such too, but some people appear to disagree, anyway they have done two REC and REC2, there is also a third on the way i believe

  24. LobaNegro21 Says:

    @Danneh86 is that …
    @Danneh86 is that the actual name of the movie? i’m always looking for possible horror films that can still give me the chills.

  25. Robosnake246 Says:

    Thumbs up is you …
    Thumbs up is you were a bit turned on by the bellybuttun pullin thing :P

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